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Social Media Strategy


  • Are you tired of getting the same results on social media and not seeing the return on investment that you hoped?

  • Are you tight on budget but still need a strategy that ensures results?  

  • Are you looking for an expert to create a social media strategy that will be tailored to your business needs (no templates or one "that fits all businesses")?

Then this might just be the thing you're looking for...

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What's Included?

More Affordable |  Tailored to Your Business | Easy-to-Follow Strategy | Designed to Obtain Results

Our aim is to leave you feeling inspired, excited and with renewed enegery for your business and ideas on how you will boost your business and move it forward. If you have a specific enquiry or challenge, it will be the main priority.

Blue Water

Do You Need a Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

Yes! All businesses need a marketing strategy.

Your business needs a marketing strategy so that you stay on target, reach your goals and create engaging and appealing content so that it appeals to the right people. Having a marketing strategy also…


✔️ Ensures business growth.

✔️ Keeps your business on track to meeting targets

✔️Increases chances of growing profits.

✔️ Gives you a better understanding of your audience and know how to target them.

✔️Ensures you're targeting the right people, with the right methods and content.

Blue Water

Details About The Promotion...

This promotion is running from 6th July until 6th August and can be booked from July until December 2022. This package includes a social media strategy plan, along with all research conducted, documents, findings, research, data and plan details, all for just £349. This project will be delivered within 4 weeks from the discovery call. 


If you have any questions about the strategy, please feel free to message me using the details below...

Phone: +44 7508811995


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