Check Out My Client Results!

  • Doubled client's following of targeted, ideal customers within first two months of working with me.

  • Increased client's following on Instagram by an average of 1000 per month using targeted growth strategies.

  • Client gained up to three sales per product promotion on Facebook by posting smart, targeted and engaging promotions.

  • Increased client's post reach by 1700% from the first post using my growth and hashtag strategies.

  • Increased account's engagement rate from 3.33% to 20.29% by implementing my growth strategies (Instagram average is 3%).

  • x5 client's engagement within one month of working with me by producing valuable, engaging and interactive posts.

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Client #1 Instagram

Their engagement rate is now 8%, their following is just over 20,000.

  • This example is from a post which received:

  • X236 website clicks

  • x99 profile views

  • x3.5 increased reach

  • x11 'like' increase

Client #2 Instagram

Their engagement rate is now 15.8%, their following is just over 6000.

  • This example is from their third post which received:

  • X3 website clicks

  • x6 profile views

  • x109 hashtag discovery

  • x7 increased reach

  • x29 'like' increase

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