Need a Social Media Expert?

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You need someone who will get you the results your business deserves. Our marketing strategies and content creation have proven to achieve outstanding results. We are MOTIVATED to helping your business grow.

"She regularly generates exciting and engaging ideas and flexes with market trends. She brings structure to the visual content, culminating in analytics and regular de-briefings.  She is a real asset to any business. Lauren has put us on the social media map! ” 


Sue Clarke - Wordshop CEO

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

You struggle to make time to think of new content ideas, let alone have the time to post, engage and entice new clients. 

It's becoming too complicated to manage too many things at once while you're running your business. 

You create content regularly, yet you are not seeing the results you were hoping for and your content is not gaining any traction.

Struggling to find new innovative ways to keep your audience engaged and attract new customers at the same time. 

You have tried a few different things but somehow it all just doesn't work and you start to feel discouraged. 

Check Out Our Client Highlights And Results!

  • Doubled client's following of targeted, ideal customers within first two months of working with me.

  • Increased client's following on Instagram by an average of 1000 per month using targeted growth strategies.

  • Client gained up to three sales per product promotion on Facebook by posting smart, targeted and engaging promotions.

  • Increased client's post reach by 1700% from the first post using my growth and hashtag strategies.

  • Increased account's engagement rate from 3.33% to 20.29% by implementing my growth strategies (Instagram average is 3%).

  • x5 client's engagement within one month of working with me by producing valuable, engaging and interactive posts.

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Client #1 Instagram

Their engagement rate is now 8%, their following is just over 20,000.

  • This example is from a post which received:

  • X236 website clicks

  • x99 profile views

  • x3.5 increased reach

  • x11 'like' increase

Client #2 Instagram

Their engagement rate is now 15.8%, their following is just over 6000.

  • This example is from their third post which received:

  • X3 website clicks

  • x6 profile views

  • x109 hashtag discovery

  • x7 increased reach

  • x29 'like' increase

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“We started working with Lauren to give our Instagram feed a boost and establish a new way of engaging support for our work. Lauren picked up the brief and ran with it. She’s super-organised, flexible and fun to work with. And she’s getting great results.”


Paul Cox - Managing Director at the Shark Trust

Social Media Process 

Getting to know you to grow your business. 

Generate An Understanding

First off, I want to get to know you and your business through a complementary call. We'll discuss your goals, what you want to achieve when working with me and your growth aims in marketing. 

Conduct Research

I will conduct an in-depth research project on what will work well for your business and what you need to do to generate the best growth results. This will give us both an extensive understanding of the methods and actions we need to take to ensure maximum growth.

Strategy Design

From the research and your business goals, I'll design a marketing strategy that ensures the highest growth for your business with the marketing options that you've selected. Your tailored strategy will engage, excite and gains trust of existing and potential new customers.

Implement Strategies

Personalised strategies will be implemented into your business and actives will be carried out as specified within actions and methods within the strategy. Analytics will be taken regularly and strategy will be tailored accordingly to ensure maximum results. Content will be designed according to trends, business goals and audience insights 

How can social media transform my business?

Would you like to know more about how I can use social media to transform your business? Let's have a chat to see what I can do for you. 

My Services

Digital Marketing

Make sure your business doesn't go unnoticed. Let's reach your target market through email marketing, blog writing, copywriting, innovative marketing strategies and more. Have a specific project that you would like to discuss? Let's have a chat!


I plan and create the design of marketing materials such as leaflets, catalogues, brochures, logos, magazine adverts, packaging and more. Let's have a chat to see what I can do for you. 


Make sure your business doesn't go unnoticed by adding a touch of creativity to your branding. I work with platforms such as procreate, Adobe Fresco and Adobe Illustrator to create unique illustrations and graphics.