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Telling your brand story through stunning visuals and design. We create designs to get your business noticed.

Making your business memorable through stand-out designs.

The power that communications can have on your business is monumental. Design and communications are a big influence on whether we make the decision to favour a company or not. From the branding to the layout, wording and overall design, bad design can have a hugely negative impact on a business. It plays directly into consumer fears that if the design is flawed, then the business might not live up to expectations. 


We use traditional forms of print-based marketing materials to support the development of your brand and its values. We help businesses communicate their message in the most creative ways possible by understanding their audience and using this to create a design that attracts and speaks to them. Let’s captivate your target market through engaging and purposeful design. 

Creating meaningful design

Using Adobe Creative Suite, we design with a purpose. Whether it's to be seen, captivate your audience or convey an emotion, every piece is set with a clear goal in mind. 


Diving deep into ways in which we can tap into your customers' feelings and design pieces that resonate with those audiences. Fully understanding your market, customers and the brand you are designing for will have a huge impact on the design impact. 


You want a design that stops your target audience in their tracks. Something that inspires and resonates with them so deeply that they’re hooked to your business. Seeing your design opens up the gate to start that relationship with the customer and your business. We understand that every business is different. We all have different visions, target markets and values, so we’ll conduct extensive research to better understand what your target audience is looking for, from there we will produce the designs to get your business noticed.

Mogfish Marketing is super-organised, flexible and fun to work with. And they're getting great results! - The Shark Trust 

Marketing Materials

Captive your target audience with a visually-pleasing flyer at your trade stand or get your customers eager to get to your event with an exciting leaflet. We’re here to create marketing materials that are memorable and eye-catching so that your customers remember you.


Graphic design is one of the most important tools in advertising. We’ll develop creative ideas that assure we reach your target audiences, get noticed and ensure they're hooked to your offerings. We want your important message to be heard. Let’s communicate your message the right way through targeted graphic design and creative storytelling. We offer print advertising services from magazine adverts to billboards.

Business stationary

From business cards to promotional flyers, we’ve got your business stationery covered. Make sure that your customers remember you with your creative business materials. 

Brochures and literature

Showcase your products or services so that it ensures your target audience are driven to your business. Whether it’s a product catalogue, or one-page promotional flyer, no project is too big or small. 

How can we help to get your business noticed?

Whether you’re requiring marketing materials for events, magazine adverts or product brochures, we’re here to create visually impactful work that delivers results. From concept to the final deliverable, we’re here to help your design visions come to life in an extraordinary masterpiece. Are you looking for digital design? Then head over to our Digital Design services page.

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