What is Mogfish?

Simply put, we want to make your business growth visions a reality. We want to play a part in your business success by creating meaningful content and implementing proven growth strategies. We're here to get the results that you deserve. 

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Meet The Founder...



I'm the owner of Mogfish Marketing. It's so great to meet you!


I’m a Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Content Creator and Growth Strategist. I help global businesses grow their brand, increase their awareness and develop long-lasting online communities.

My mission is to help you grow your business to the next level. Whether it’s to expand your social media, develop a powerful growth strategy, create captivating content or design compelling marketing material, I want to help you exceed your marketing and business goals.


I am devoted to helping you get the results that YOU DESERVE.

Hi, I'm Lauren!

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What Do I Love?

I am completely in love with the ocean, so In my spare time, you’ll probably find me enjoying some water sports down by the beach, clifftop hiking or relaxing on the water on a gorgeous sunny day. I am highly passionate about conservation and the environment often getting involved in beach and ocean cleanups. I also love...

Celebrating my client's achievements

Scuba diving, paddleboarding, kayaking and ocean swimming

Embarking on new adventures

Conservation activities to protect the environment

I'm an absolute foodie

I adore animals, especially my office buddy, Bunny

Designing creative copy, art and illustrations

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Highlights: Client Results

 These are a few highlights that I have gained for my clients through my innovative strategies, design and content creation.  

  • Doubled client's following of targeted, ideal customers within first two months of working with me.

  • Increased website visitors by developing keyword-rich blogs.

  • Increased client's following on Instagram by an average of1000 per month using targeted growth strategies. 

  • Client gained up to three sales per product promotion on Facebook by posting smart, targeted and engaging promotions.

  • Increased client's post reach by 1700% from the first post using my growth and hashtag strategies. 

  • Generated over £18,000 of sales from just one post.

  • Increased account's engagement rate from 3.33%to 20.29% by implementing my growth strategies(Instagram average is 3%). 

  • x5 client's engagement within one month of working with me by producing valuable, engaging and interactive posts.   

Why Choose Me?

Why choose me?


With a background in design, I have the ability to add that spark of creativity into your business. Being creative allows me to think outside the box and pay attention to small details. 


The key to a great partnership is trust. This is why I find it key to stick to deadlines and offer transparency throughout the entire partnership. You can count on me to deliver true and honest results. 


Easily approachable and happy to help! I always live life with a smile on my face. I’m happy to have a chat if you want to get to know me before you decide to hire me.

Marketing Expert

For a business it can be challenging, trying to keep up with the latest digital trends. Every day, there are new technologies introduced to keep companies on their toes. I keep on top of these trends in your industry, to keep you noticed by your customers. 


Coming up with new ways to transform your business with fresh and exciting ideas. I look for new strategies that helps your business to achieve the growth that you desire. 


I am driven to help your company succeed in obtaining its goals. if my client succeeds, I succeed too. Whether it is to take over a project, create a piece of marketing material or taking over your social media platforms, I will be determined to create something to the highest standard.