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Clear, straightforward and supportive.

A process that makes your feel inspired and excited to start your journey with Mogfish Marketing.


Free Consultation

Our first step is getting to know you, your brand and your industry. During the initial consultation, we dive deep to better understand the devotion and dedication that you’ve put into your business. From there, we will determine how we can complement the work your teams are doing to amplify your brand and increase sales through marketing and/or design. 





With your budget, marketing objectives, initial research and other requirements in mind, we will deliver a comprehensive proposal. Unique to your needs, we'll define your project with all the specifics as clearly as possible. This will detail the project scope, how we can amplify your business and achieve your desired results. The proposal will include suggestions for marketing techniques going forward to really vamp up your marketing.

Audit and Research

We’ll carry out an in-depth analysis and dive deep into your market, industry and audience insights. We will review the market and your marketing activities to pinpoint successes, failures, insights and outcomes. Learning from this will ensure that we will create a successful marketing strategy or plan for your design material. From setting goals and selecting marketing channels to content planning and engagement techniques, we will help you to prevent wasting precious resources on activities that aren’t delivering a return and maximise what works.


Content Creation

Once we’ve researched your industry and defined your goals with a strategy in place, we’ll go ahead and create authentic, engaging and inspiring content that follows your goals for your chosen marketing platforms. 



Strategy and Plan

If you’ve chosen our marketing services, we will create a complete strategy and plan for your business, product or service. We will also develop and design your unique company profile and create a marketing strategy to support your business goals.



Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics

If you’ve chosen our marketing services, we will continuously monitor the performance of our marketing efforts to determine the successes and results. We will send your company monthly reports outlining these results. Findings will be used to determine future strategies and content creation moving forward. 


Keeping in Touch

We’ll keep in regular contact with you to ensure we’re achieving and working towards your business goals and objectives. We are here to help so rest assured when working with Mogfish Marketing, you maintain in good hands.


Ready to get started?

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