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Creating social media content that captivates and converts
Formulating unique strategies to generate leads and drive sales.

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But you are struggling to find time to research, plan, formulate a strategy or design captivating content for your social media accounts.

You don't have the time because you're too busy working on other important aspects of your business.

Social media marketing feels overwhelming because of all the time, work and creativity that goes into making a successful social media account.

Or you simply need an extra pair of hands to help your business reach its business goals. 

Do you want to maximise content reach and audience engagement in order to generate leads and sales on social media?

Feeling overwhelmed by social media?

How can Mogfish Marketing use social media to help your business grow?

At Mogfish Marketing, we’re dedicated to helping businesses create social media content that converts and we're devoted to helping you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s to design a social media marketing strategy, create captivating content, monitor your social accounts or manage your whole social media marketing, we’re here to help get the results you deserve. Our social media marketing services have been designed to maximise content reach, and audience engagement, therefore, generating leads and sales. 

How can social media help grow your business?

When managed correctly, with the right strategies in place, coupled with captivating content, social media can achieve extraordinary things for your business. Social media marketing engages existing customers, generates new leads, strengthens brand identity, increases website traffic and ultimately, facilitates conversions.

Why social media?

We’re spending more time on social media platforms. Our buying habits and preferences are becoming more influenced by what we see on social media. This means that a strong social media presence is something people expect from businesses in order to trust them. 


Social media is designed to help increase brand awareness, build relationships and strengthen communities. Having an active social media account will not only increase your brand awareness, but it improves client communication, elevates your brand profile, and increases sales. When using social media with a targeted strategy, captivating content, ongoing account monitoring and engagement, your business will reap the benefits of actively using socials for your business. 

We're here to help!

Be Bold. Be Creative.

We have various social media packages, designed for different goals and budgets. Each package can be created to best suit a wide variety of needs; whether it’s to grow your audience, reach new leads or build a community, we have a package that will suit your business best. Have a specific project or package in mind? Head to our contact page and let’s chat. 

Social Media Management

Do you require the whole social media package? From social media strategy to content creation and scheduling, we can manage your social media from start to finish so you can have more time to work on other important aspects of your business. 

We develop social media management packages based on your business needs, our proposals include, but are not limited to the following:

Social media marketing strategy

Content planning and creation


Graphic design 

Account monitoring and engagement


Channels we work with

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Content Creation and Planning

Let’s create content that converts! We will work with you to create a unique content plan specifically to suit your goals, mission and what will work best for your industry, audience and chosen social media channels. From there we will develop targeted, attention-grabbing content to convert leads into customers. 


Design: Develop stunning images, graphics and videos that enhance your account and grab your target audience’s attention.

Copywriting: Creating copy that converts. Let’s tell your story and choose engaging words that draw the reader into your content. 

Hashtag generation: We’ll do the research and pair the right hashtags with your posts to attract the right audience and gain the most reach. 

Organic growth techniques: We’ll implement the right organic growth techniques into your content so that it reaches the right people and ensures that your content converts leads into customers. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Are you requiring a social media marketing strategy, uniquely designed for your business? Then Mogfish Marketing has you covered. We’ll conduct in-depth research into your market, business and industry so we have a complete understanding of how we can best reach and entice your target market. From there, we will formulate a comprehensive social media strategy that’s designed to convert leads into customers through the power of social media. We develop social media strategies based on your business needs, our proposals include, but are not limited to the following:

Social media branding 

Account audit

Industry analysis, market research and in-depth business analysis

Brand guideline development and graphics template design 

Hashtag strategy

Channel optimisation

Best times and days to post

Content calendar and content plan

Marketing plan and comprehensive marketing strategy

Account Monitoring and Engagement

Need an extra pair of eyes to monitor your social media accounts? You might have a brilliant social media plan and strategy in place, but without ongoing monitoring, all your efforts in content creation could be going to waste. 


We know the importance of great customer service but it can become overwhelming to monitor social media accounts to maintain excellent customer service levels, all while managing other business activities. That’s why it’s always useful to have someone else keeping an eye on things. Our account monitoring packages can be tailored to your business needs and can include, but are not limited to the following:

Replying to messages

Responding to comments 

Re-sharing posts and stories 

Engaging with targeted posts and accounts

Community engagement

Content Scheduling

Have all the tools and resources to create content but are finding it difficult to find the right times to post and include all the necessary elements needed to have the maximum reach and impact? We have the tools and industry insights to determine the correct components needed in your content so that it reaches your target markets at the correct time. Every business is different, that’s why we take time to research your audience and industry to determine the best time to post to obtain maximum impact. 


Whether you want three, seven or fourteen posts scheduled each week, we’ll make sure that content is scheduled when required so you don’t have to worry about content gaps. 

Frequently asked questions

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