Hi, I'm Lauren!

Designing Marketing Strategies and content that generate outstanding results. 

I'm the owner of Mogfish Marketing, it's nice to meet you! I'm a digital marketing and design specialist who is passionate about the art of content creation and growing companies through effective, successful, innovative strategies.

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About me

Hey there! I’m Lauren, owner of Mogfish Marketing. I am a digital marketing and design expert that is creative, smart, innovative, and driven. I help brands who are ready to level-up and reach their goals, grow their audience, boost sales through effective growth strategies, content creation and design.

I’m dedicated to growing your business through captivating content, powerful growth strategies, creative flair, innovative marketing plans and my drive for success. 

My Services

Digital Marketing

Whether you require email marketing, website management or blog writing, I can offer you services within the digital world. Have a specific project that you would like to discuss? Let's chat!

Social Media

I plan and create engaging content to captivate your target audience. Keeping up with social media can be a challenge but having someone that stays up-to-date with the latest trends will ensure that your business has a higher success rate and will continue to grow.


I plan and create the design of marketing materials such as leaflets, catalogues, brochures, logos, magazine adverts, packaging and more. Let's have a chat to see what I can do for you. 


Need some graphics or thinking about adding something creative to your company? I work with platforms such as procreate, Adobe Fresco and Adobe Illustrator to create some unique illustrations to add that touch of creativity into your company. 

Why Choose Me?


With a background in design, I have the ability to add that spark of creativity into your business. Being creative allows me to think outside the box and pay attention to every detail. 


The key to a great partnership is trust. This is why I find it key to stick to deadlines and offer transparency throughout the entire partnership. You can count on me to deliver true and honest results. 


Easily approachable and happy to help! I always live life with a smile on my face. I’m happy to have a chat if you want to get to know me before you decide to hire me.

Ambitious Learner

For a business it can be challenging, trying to keep up with the latest digital trends. Every day, there are new technologies introduced to keep companies on their toes. I keep on top of these trends in your industry, to keep you noticed by your customers. 


Coming up with new ways to transform your business with fresh and exciting ideas. I look for new strategies that helps your business to achieve the growth that you desire. 


I am driven to help your company succeed in obtaining its goals. if my client succeeds, I succeed too. Whether it is to take over a project, create a piece of marketing material or taking over your social media platforms, I will be determined to create something to the highest standard.  

What People Say

"Lauren has been amazing to work with. I never have to worry about my social media with her. Posts always go up, and the content is always well thought out. She does her research and takes care of each account she's on. She always delivers what she says she'll deliver when she says she'll deliver it (not an easy thing to find in the social media world). She is kind and considerate, and no matter what the task is she jumps on it! I would highly recommend working with Lauren!"

—  Megan Spaulding

Owner of Brand Scientist