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Bright Tide

Project Type

Newsletter Management

What I achieved:
- Achieving an average open rate of 62.3%, with the industry average being 42.7%*.
- Achieving an average click-through rate (link clicks) of 7.3%, with the industry average being 5.3%*.

*data taken in April 2024

Proud moments:
- Helped build newsletter list from 0 - almost 500 subscribers
- Creating newsletter campaigns to nurture their audience and keep them updated on the important work Bright Tide is doing for the planet.

Monthly duties:
- Newsletter strategy
- Newsletter creation and sending
- Analytics and reporting

“Lauren has been a really fantastic help to us as an organisation over the last year. She’s been brilliant at doing our newsletter that comes out every month, helping me draft it and put forward suggestions. But also responding to last minute requests like doing event invitations and getting things turned around really quickly. We really enjoy working with Lauren at Mogfish Marketing and look forward to continuing our relationship moving forward with them. Great job, Lauren!” - Harry Wright, CEO and Founder of Bright Tide

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