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The Shark Trust

Project Type

Social Media and Newsletters

What I achieved:
- On average 100,000 people see Shark Trust content on Facebook every month.
- Generating on average 223 (5.2%) click-throughs (link clicks) on newsletters.
- Achieving an average open rate of 62.3%, with the industry average being 42.7%*.

*data taken April 2024

Proud moments:
- Started on 5k followers on Instagram, now up to 15.3k.
- Been working with the Shark Trust since Mogfish Marketing’s early days in 2020.
- By implementing a hashtag strategy, the Shark Trust Instagram reached 169,570 non-followers for April 1st - August 31st 2023.
- Supporting the promotion of campaigns, such as the Big Shark Pledge, to raise money for an important cause - the conservation of endangered species including Sharks, Skates and Rays.

Monthly duties:
- Social media and newsletter strategy
- Content planning, concept and strategy
- Social media and newsletter creation
- Managing socials and newsletter
- Content scheduling and account maintenance
- Analytics and reporting

“We started working with Lauren to give our Instagram feed a boost and establish a new way of engaging support for our work. Lauren picked up the brief and ran with it. She’s super-organised, flexible and fun to work with. And she’s getting great results.”

- Paul Cox, Managing Director of The Shark Trust

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