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3 Methods To Reduce Your Social Media Content Development Time

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

When it comes to planning your monthly social media content, do you ever feel as if it takes up most of your working day? Content development time can take endless hours, especially when you have to plan social media content around your strategy, think of ideas, create captions and develop visuals. The tasks can seem endless! That’s why I want to help you reduce your content time, using these simple time-saving hacks when creating social media content.

Check Out The Holiday Calendar

Before I plan my content calendar, I check out the National Day Calendar which has a list of all the holiday days, weeks and months in the year. I note down the holidays that may be relevant for my business and plan a post around those ideas. Using holiday posts means that you’re keeping relevant, it’s improving the chances of your post being shared and increasing your discoverability to those who celebrate those holidays too. It’s important not to go overboard with the holiday dates as this can seem overused and appear the fact that you cannot generate ideas that aren’t around holidays.

Check Back With Your Social Media Strategy

It’s essential to keep checking back in with your strategy to assist you in finding what ideas to post next. Dive deep into your goals for your business and base your content around the targets you have set for your business. The content you create needs to align with these goals, so start planning content that fits in with your growth targets.

For example, do you want to grow your engagement on social media? Start adding content that asks questions, including interactive polls, help guides or tutorials. Once you have developed a content strategy that fits in with your goals, you can base your social media content around those ideas monthly, therefore saving you time to find the right types of content to post.

Batch Develop Your Social Media Content

Reduce your social media content creation time significantly by producing all your content one month before. Not only does batching your content reduce your social media content development time, but it also ensures that you have consistent content going out so you don’t have to be reminded to develop new content every day.

My method that’s worked wonders in reducing social media content creation time is to plan and note my ideas into one list on a Google Doc. Once I have my list finalised and I’ve ensured that it fits into my overall social media marketing strategy, I’ll start developing the captions and inserting the visuals on that document so it’s organised within one space, ready for review and scheduling.

Final thoughts

I hope this has helped you start developing a successful content strategy for your business, let me know in the comments. If you’re finding it hard to find the time to come up with a social media strategy and creative content ideas to ensure your audience continues to engage with your content, I’ve got it covered. I offer growth strategies, innovative content creation and design services to help your business grow in awareness and revenue. Visit my about page and services page to discover more about what I offer or to book a complimentary discovery call.


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