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Scuba Diving With Manta Rays in Komodo National Park

With my leg extended, hovering from the boat over the radiant turquoise seas, one hand firmly placed on my mask and regulator, the other on my weight belt. I stepped out and dropped from the small bright red boat floating gracefully in the centre of the glistening waters of Komodo National Park.

In the brief moments, as I sank into the warm waters of the Flores Sea, I captured a glimpse of the island, Mawan, reflecting close to our boat. Its elegant pink and white sand covering its shoreline twinkled as the sunlight bounced its reflective tones. The island’s small, rugged hills exhibited a faint greeny-yellow as if it hadn't seen rain in months.

Excitement filled me in the fleeting moments as I shut my eyes and transported from earth to ocean, like an aquatic astronaut immersed in a liquid universe. The once calm, crystal waters rippled as I felt the warmth of the water enclosing around me. Thoughts immediately raced through my mind with questions that needed answering. I knew Komodo National Park was home to countless stunning marine life as this had been my home for five months but I quickly discovered that you never know what to expect when entering into the vibrant world lying beneath Komodo.

My eyes adapted then widened as if a blindfold was removed from my face. I was eager to observe what rested at the garden-covered bottom of Mawan. Excitement flooded my body, my heart raced as I discovered that we had entered a world of magnificent Manta Rays. The majestic Mantas swooped around us, their wings extended over three metres long, mouths stretched exceptionally wide that it gave the impression they could consume us whole. Twenty gentle giants glided past, one came so close, our eyes met and I felt a connection so intense, it was like no other. It is said that Manta Rays have remarkable memories, so I understood at this moment that we must have met before.

The Manta closed in on me, its wing came so near that I felt the water's power whip across my face. The Manta Ray swirled above, the light shining from the surface darkened with a distinct silhouette of the wings, devilish horns and its unique belly markings. As we admired each other and shared our special moment, it was time to say goodbye as they glided away into the current that overpowered itself around the island.

As I boarded the boat and the day set, we started travelling back to the small port of Labuan Bajo, it was the perfect time to reflect on the day I encountered. The sky quickly transformed from bright blues to vivid oranges, pinks and lilacs. I lay back, sinking into the cushions that expanded across the top deck of the quaint red boat that drifted along the pink-hued waters of Komodo. I thought to myself, what a perfect sunset to end an extraordinary day.

Final Thoughts

A little bit different from my usual blog posts featuring topics on digital marketing and design. But I wanted to share an incredible experience I encountered with these magnificent creatures. Manta Rays are an extraordinary beauty that I highly recommend every scuba diver needs to experience. Komodo National Park is one of the top places in the world for diving with Manta Rays. The most well-known dive sites are Manta Point, The Cauldron and Mawan. Looking for a dive company that takes trips to Komodo National Park? I highly recommend Flores Diving Centre! I completed my Divemaster with them and achieved well over 200 dives with this amazing company, who ensured I received an extraordinary adventure.


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